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Type Booster

This program remembers typed words by users previously and autocompletes them
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Type Booster is an application that can help you type faster using some handy tools. The program will learn the words you use repeatedly when you type and save them, so that you can type them faster later on. When you are writing a text and the word you are typing is similar to another one previously learned by the program, there will appear a list of words and you will only have to press the TAB button and the program will automatically complete the word.

Type Booster is a good program and it can be used by any user. If you are a fast writer, then you should consider whether the program would be useful for you or not.

This is not a free program. Even though there is a free trial version available, to use the program in an efficient way you will have to buy it. In the trial version, every time you use the TAB button the program will auto complete the word but it will clarify that it is a demo version by writing demo on the text.

There is something you should be careful with when using this application. The program will learn any word you type repeatedly on your computer, including passwords. So if you don't want your passwords to be discovered by other users, you should go to the settings menu and set the program not to remember passwords.

Sebastian Fernandez
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  • It is a very efficient application that can help you save time when typing.
  • It works with Windows Vista


  • There are cheaper programs that do the same
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